Lt. Commander Joe Bonomo MPA and Retired IT and Logistics Professional
If you have ever done personnel or program management…read this book. Learning to make raviolis within the context of family and neighborhood and the egos involved is a remarkable and accurate leap to and from, back and forth with general management. Every MPA and MBA student should be given this book and do a report on it. It will open your eyes as to what you will have to deal with in the real world as you go up the ladder, from the “…..we’ve always done it this way…..” team types, to the employee or manager who buries their function in secretiveness to give the impression of process exclusivity and personal value to the organization. Buy this book. High-lite and put notes in the margins of this book. Read this book!!!!!!
Anthony L. Crisci Crisci Associates
I thought Ravioli Rules was an excellent read. Being an Italian-American, I easily related to the story line. The ravioli was filled not only with ricotta cheese but many good managerial tips. The author was able to breakdown into simple terms the entire spectrum of starting and running a business.
Michael R. Powers, Ph.D. Professor of Finance, Tsinghua University and author of Acts of God and Man: Ruminations on Risk and Insurance
 I thoroughly enjoyed Alfred Manganiello’s Ravioli Rules.  Working with the finest ingredients (gathered from an extensive professional career), the author prepares an entertaining feast of ideas and insights for managers at all levels.  Like a plate of enticing dumplings, the book presents a collection of expertly crafted vignettes, each stuffed with management rules both subtle and practical.  When the story concludes, Ravioli Rules — following its own sound advice — leaves the reader looking forward to more.  I hope the author will consider serving up a sequel to this wonderful volume!
Ken Wolensky, D.Ed., Lebanon Valley College Author of The Life of Pennsylvania Governor George M. Leader: Challenging Complacency
Ravioli Rules ranks among the best contemporary books I’ve seen on motivating people both in the workplace and in life generally. Positive reinforcement, encouragement, and participatory learning are its key messages. Al Manganiello has written an excellent book that is a must read for people in today’s rapidly changing employment environments.  It will have a long shelf life.
William Kleman Principal Consultant, Strategic Financial Services D&B
Not only did I thoroughly enjoy your book, but my Italian mother did as well! She literally sat in the corner of my living room and read until she was finished.  She said the stories reminded her of home and that every Italian family should have this book in their home 🙂 You really did a nice job of relating something so simple to management and leadership.  I think you can reach the masses – and not just Italians 🙂 – because of the content, style, and message.
Jinine Martin Former Senior Vice President, Group Manager, Executive Relations at Bank of America
Ravoli Rules is a wonderful book for leaders and for people in general.  This book provides practical guidance on how to best make your way in the world as a professional and in your personal life.  It teaches and reinforces leadership skills in a fun and humorous way.  Although lighthearted, the lessons are important.  To add spice to the book, the author (Al Manganiello) shares family recipes with its readers as an added bonus.  I highly recommend this book to people starting their careers, as well as seasoned professionals.  The concepts here are always good reminders for being successful.




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