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If you ever thought there was a parallel between food and management, you are right. The
making of the Ravioli and its presentation is filled with management theories and practices.
All types of leaders and managers can learn about effective management from Ravioli Rules.
This book takes a new twist on management principles using the Ravioli making business as the

In this whimsical and witty parable, Alfredo and Mario, now grandfathers, tell their two
grandaughters, Abigail and Theresa, a story of their first Ravioli experience. For Alfredo and Mario
it is déjà vu. They are watching as their two little grandaughters are experiencing a Ravioli event
almost identical to an event they had when they were the same age. For Alfredo and Mario, this event
early in their lives catapulted them into a life altering and learning experience. Alfredo and Mario
decide to share, with their grandaughters, the lessons learned from their experience.

In this lifetime journey, Alfredo and Mario tell Abigail and Theresa a story of when and how the
Ravioli first came into their lives. How the first denial of the Ravioli leads them to create a
strategy to make sure they were not denied the Ravioli again. How the negative experience leads
to their life altering decision to make their own Ravioli. As they journey through the discovery of
the Ravioli, they even have to overcome obstacles from relatives who would not share the Ravioli
recipe with them. When they finally make their first Ravioli they begin a period of reflection
and action that leads to learning and sharing, culminating in their greatest lesson – a lifetime of
Ravioli making experience. From a humble beginning, they made family sized Ravioli dishes
evolving into a small catering business and eventually into a full production Ravioli operation.

As a result of this Ravioli making experience, Alfredo and Mario have created a series of lessons
called Ravioli Rules, which they are sharing with their grandaughters over their lifetime. Through
their experiences they have created simple, entertaining and clear explanations on how to make
Ravioli and manage the Ravioli makers. The two grandaughters, when they are mature, thank their
grandfathers with the greatest Ravioli gift ever.

You will never look at management and making Ravioli the same way ever again!

Buon Appetito!


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